The Geoff Eglinton Presentation 2023

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Professor Geoffrey Eglinton
Professor Geoffrey Eglinton

About The Geoff Eglinton Award

Contributions by the late Prof. Geoff Eglinton to the field of organic geochemistry are widely recognised. He was an inspiration for many in the field (Maxwell 2016) and has thus been honoured as the ‘father of modern organic geochemistry’. To recognise his contribution the EAOG board, together with permission from Geoff’s sons Tim and David, have created an award in his name. 

The basis of this new award will reflect Geoff’s continual interest in exploring novel ideas, his use of new and innovative techniques, in addition to his passion for presenting his science. From the abstracts submitted for selection to the forthcoming IMOG, the Scientific Committee will decide on the abstract that it feels details the most innovative, novel and ground breaking research. 

The winner will then be invited to give an oral presentation – the Geoff Eglinton Presentation – that will open each IMOG meeting commencing 2021. This presentation will be allocated an extended timeslot to reflect Geoff’s penchant for talking about his science!

The IMOG 2023 Geoff Eglinton Presentation will be selected from the submitted abstracts closer to IMOG 2023. 

Pim van Bergen (EAOG Chair)

Maxwell (2016), Geoff Eglinton 1927–2016. A father of modern organic geochemistry, Organic Geochemistry 97, 163-165.

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